Spicy Orange Chicken Stir Fry

2014-10-27 19.05.16

So this week is Halloween. Its one of my husbands favorite holidays. But I’ll be quite honest, I don’t really care for it. Now when I was a kid I loved it! Free candy, how could a girl turn it down. But now, I’m just not a fan. I like handing out candy to all the little kids dressed up, but that’s about it. I don’t really like dressing up, or being scared, or watching scary movies. It’s just not appealing to me. However, one thing I do like, is making fun treats for Halloween. Last year I made monster eye cookies. I made them with a white cake mix and died them a neon green, and put a candy eye in the center. They turned out pretty good too! This year, I haven’t gotten any great ideas, so if you have something you want me to try please let me know! I’m up for suggestions!

2014-10-27 18.49.45 2014-10-27 18.51.47


Since I cant come up a new and exciting treat, I decided to get back to basics and make a stir fry. One of the things that I really enjoy about stir fry, is you can change up for whatever you’re in the mood for. This time, I went with a Spicy Orange Chicken Stir-Fry. It was very good, and full of flavor. The key was in the sauce. To begin making the stir-fry, cut some chicken breasts into thin strips, and cut up some vegetables into similar size pieces so they would cook evenly. Set those aside and start working on the sauce. Combine orange juice, soy sauce, ginger, garlic, sesame oil (which can be found in the ethnic aisle at your local grocer), and red pepper flakes. Stir that around and then add some corn starch to thicken it up. Whisk the corn starch in so aren’t any lumps left. Dump that in a small pot, and turn the stove on medium-high, and let it come to boil, then reduce heat to low, and simmer until sauce is thickened and you are ready to put into the stir fry. Heat a large skillet over medium-high heat. For stir-fries you want to make sure your pan is very hot. Add the chicken, and cook on each side for a couple minutes. It shouldn’t take very long. I also added some of the sauce in to allow to chicken to pick up some of that flavor while it was cooking, but you can put it all in at the end if you like. Once the chicken is cooked or mostly cooked through, add the vegetables, once they are mostly tender, add the sauce to pan, and continue to cook for another minute or two, to allow the flavor to mix. Serve immediately over rice.

2014-10-27 18.49.39 2014-10-27 19.04.59

Spicy Orange Chicken Stir Fry

  • 1 lb. chicken breasts, sliced into strips
  • 1 cup broccoli, chopped
  • ½ red bell pepper, chopped
  • 1 cup sugar peas, chopped
  • 1 medium onion, chopped
  • 3/4 cup orange juice
  • 3 Tbsp. soy sauce
  • 1 Tbsp. cornstarch
  • 1/2 tsp. minced ginger
  • 1 tsp. sesame oil
  • Large pinch of dried crushed red pepper, or to taste


Start by slicing the chicken into strips, and chopping vegetables so they are about the same size. They don’t have to be too small. Set those aside. Mix together orange juice, soy sauce, ginger, sesame oil, crushed red pepper, and cornstarch. Dump into small pot and bring to a boil. Reduce heat to low and simmer while cooking chicken and vegetables. Next, heat a large skillet over medium-high heat with some oil. Add chicken to pan and cook on each side for 2-3 minutes. Add vegetables to pan and sauté until tender. Add sauce to pan and stir into chicken and vegetables. Serve over rice.



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