About Me

Hello everyone! My name is Megan, also known as Mugsy by my family. I am a Registered Dietitian, living in the great state of Ohio, living a happy and healthy life with my husband Jason and crazy cat Oscar. Welcome to my blog!

I started cooking when I was in middle school. The first meal I ever made by myself was Macaroni and Cheese Chowder. And it was delicious. Since then I have learned to love cooking, baking, and especially eating. My mom even says that I love food so much that I majored in it. Growing up, I loved watching and helping my mom cook in the kitchen. I learned everything from her.

Today, I cook for anyone who will let me, mostly family and friends. But the person I love cooking for the most is my husband. I love when he gets super excited about the food I make. Its one of the little things in life that makes me happy. I enjoy taking classic recipes and making them my own.

Aside from being in the kitchen, I enjoy being with family, reading, watching Friends re-runs, making fun crafts, and running! Enjoy!


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